Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Special.

Igor's little helper called for attention, because he had something to announce.
Igor had no idea what was happpening.
"Who are all these droids?" He asked.
"Well, while you were in Seattle, I built myself a small droid army." The small robot said and continued:
"They immediately went out to search for bounties and now they're back."
"So consider this a christmas present from us"

"Wow" Igor didn't know what to say.
But the lil' droid knew just what to say:
"Open it!"
So Igor sat down and started opening his present.
"This is soo exciting!"
"Wow. You guys are the best!"
"It's a Han Solo frozen in carbonite!"
"Cool!" Igor said just before he attacked the small droid army while yelling:
"Group hug!"
And the small pile of droids could be heard saying:
"Merry christmas Igor!"

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