Friday, February 25, 2011

End Of Life.

Been wondering why Igor has been so silent recently?

I have too.
Until yesterday that is.

Igor has been building on a new project of his. A project he wouldn't let me ion on.
Well. Now I know why.

I stumbled upon it yesterday at work.
Igor has constructed his own A-bomb.
He probably knew that he would get my approval if he would've told me.

Well now it's too late for me to say no.
It is done.

Igor proudly showed me the label on the side.
Haha. 'End of Life Data'.
The bomb contains something called PA66/6-FR(30) Plastic.
That is(I guess) probably the  essential part of this doomsday device.

And the important bottom row reads:
See details in "End of life instructions".