Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Droid Factory.

Since Igor is away I decided to let the small droid come with me to my work today.
He asked about some spare parts(trash) that were just lying around. I told  him that he could take whatever he found and play with it.

And did he ever find interesting things.
This is him assembling some of the parts he found.

He kept building..
...and building until he had no more parts to build with.
Here's a picture of his hard day at work.
A small droid army of his own. Complete with two more advanced models which he called 'elite assassin droids. I think he was referring to the two black ones, but I didn't want to make a fool of myself by asking stupid questions.
"You think Igor will like them?" he asked me.
"For sure, but only if you send them out to collect a bounty or two for him."

He turned to the droids and spoke his message loud and clear:
"You droids go out and find me a big, fat, juicy bounty!"

Boy, oh boy.
These small stupid droids will probably fill my apartment with small pieces of chocolate.


  1. Det här blir bara bättre och bättre - snart har Igor världsherravälde!