Monday, October 3, 2011

Imperial Slugs.


Igor asked me why I haven't kept his blog up to date on his adventures while he's being away.

The answer is simple.


My little robot said that he knew just the cure for that.
He told me we had to make a small trip because he had something very important to show me.
He said that he had found the most sought after spaceship ion the galaxy.

Curious as I am I thought it was worth leaving the couch for a day.

When we arrived to the place Igor told me about, this is what I saw.
I really couldn't see just how and why this possibly could be the most sought after spaceship, or even a spaceship at all, in the galaxy.

But Igor told me that I should look just a tad bit closer.

So I did.

"See, I told this was it"

Wow. It took me about an hour to convince, a then very disappointed, Igor, that this wasn't the ship we were looking for.

The ship we're looking for is called Millennium Falcon. It has a double n in millennium.
So close, but yet so far away.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Last King Of Scotland.

So my phone called for my attention by making a sound.
One recieved message.
It was Igor.

Wow. Now finally a word from the missing droid.

This is what he sent me.

Look! I've just conquered Scotland.
Everything is fine. Have loads of pictures to show you when I get home next week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Distress Signal?

Have you been missing Igor?

I have.

I haven't really seen him around for a long time now.
I have just been too busy to really notice that he's been gone.
I moved to a new apartment and my work has been consuming a lot of time.

So when I figured out that Igor was gone?

The other day actually.
When I found this in my mail.
Ducks? On street.
Who would send me a postcard like this?
So I turned it around and read.
I hope that he's taking a lot of pictures to document his adventures, so I can see what he has been doing and where.

to be continued..

Friday, February 25, 2011

End Of Life.

Been wondering why Igor has been so silent recently?

I have too.
Until yesterday that is.

Igor has been building on a new project of his. A project he wouldn't let me ion on.
Well. Now I know why.

I stumbled upon it yesterday at work.
Igor has constructed his own A-bomb.
He probably knew that he would get my approval if he would've told me.

Well now it's too late for me to say no.
It is done.

Igor proudly showed me the label on the side.
Haha. 'End of Life Data'.
The bomb contains something called PA66/6-FR(30) Plastic.
That is(I guess) probably the  essential part of this doomsday device.

And the important bottom row reads:
See details in "End of life instructions".

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Am Joe's Liver.

Been wondering what Igor has been up to lately?
I know I have, since I haven't seen him around at all the last week or so.

Until now that is.
I found him passed out behind a curtain earlier today.
I will have to have a talk with Igor about drinking with responsibility as soon as he sobers up.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Have A Blast(er)!

Igor has something to say to You.
Have a happy new year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Special.

Igor's little helper called for attention, because he had something to announce.
Igor had no idea what was happpening.
"Who are all these droids?" He asked.
"Well, while you were in Seattle, I built myself a small droid army." The small robot said and continued:
"They immediately went out to search for bounties and now they're back."
"So consider this a christmas present from us"

"Wow" Igor didn't know what to say.
But the lil' droid knew just what to say:
"Open it!"
So Igor sat down and started opening his present.
"This is soo exciting!"
"Wow. You guys are the best!"
"It's a Han Solo frozen in carbonite!"
"Cool!" Igor said just before he attacked the small droid army while yelling:
"Group hug!"
And the small pile of droids could be heard saying:
"Merry christmas Igor!"