Monday, October 3, 2011

Imperial Slugs.


Igor asked me why I haven't kept his blog up to date on his adventures while he's being away.

The answer is simple.


My little robot said that he knew just the cure for that.
He told me we had to make a small trip because he had something very important to show me.
He said that he had found the most sought after spaceship ion the galaxy.

Curious as I am I thought it was worth leaving the couch for a day.

When we arrived to the place Igor told me about, this is what I saw.
I really couldn't see just how and why this possibly could be the most sought after spaceship, or even a spaceship at all, in the galaxy.

But Igor told me that I should look just a tad bit closer.

So I did.

"See, I told this was it"

Wow. It took me about an hour to convince, a then very disappointed, Igor, that this wasn't the ship we were looking for.

The ship we're looking for is called Millennium Falcon. It has a double n in millennium.
So close, but yet so far away.